How long will pavers last?

When planning a hardscape project, it’s perfectly normal to ask many questions, such as, “How long will pavers last?” or “will the colors disappear from the paving stones?” To help you prepare for your outdoor space project, we’ve put together a list of answers to the five most frequently asked questions about pavers.


Paving tiles or cobblestones are created mainly from concrete. Unlike most cobblestones, LLC Planeta RS Borodyanka unique modern manufacturing process allows you to create cobblestones with a dense, smooth surface texture and the best color and strength to prevent cracking, cracking, and fading.


Pavers of different sizes and styles are very versatile. It can be used in many types of exterior residential projects, including:

  • driveways
  • parking lots
  • footpaths
  • courtyard
  • patio
  • recreation areas around pools
  • summer playgrounds
  • outdoor kitchen

How long will pavers last?
Although there is no unequivocal answer to the question “how long will paving stones last?” cobblestones are usually designed for decades.

If there is a problem with your pavers, our campaign will produce paving tiles as close as possible to your project. Our cobblestones are covered by a warranty, provided that the entire installation technology and subsequent maintenance are performed.

Paving tiles fading and discoloring?
Low-quality cobblestones sometimes cannot withstand the seasonal cycles of our region. They can tarnish and lose color under the influence of rain, ice or snow.

The automated line for the production of paving tiles from the company Planeta RS Borodyanka guarantees a bright appearance from year to year. In addition, the extra-thick surface of our pavers provides better color protection than other manufacturers.


Although pavers themselves are small and not very heavy, pavers can actually be stronger than poured concrete. Most of them can withstand pressure of at least 1500 kg per square centimeter (tile thickness from 60 mm). Cobblestones are designed to transfer stress loads to large areas, which allows them to remain intact even under the weight of trucks (a 100mm-thick roll of paving tiles can withstand 2.2 tons per square centimeter).

Cobblestones from Planeta RS Borodyanka are strong and durable because they are made according to the standards of European manufacturers.