How do we make our paving slabs?

Poyatos (Spain) is a manufacturer of automated lines for the production of shaped paving elements. Being a European company, Poyatos complies with all norms and guarantees of the European Community and the European Union (ISO, EN).

Poyatos produces reliable, powerful and versatile machines for the production of FEM (shaped paving elements) that meet all requirements, with high productivity and minimal energy consumption.

We use high-quality raw materials for the production of our building materials. We have contracts for the supply of cement with the German companies “Heidelberg” and “Dyckerhoff”, unloading takes place without contact with the environment.

Производство тротуарной плитки


We use the method of semi-dry vibro-pressing. It allows you to reduce the use of water in production and take care of natural resources. The main advantage of this method is the ability to produce paving stones in two layers.

The main layer.

  • It ensures the strength of paving stones and makes up 90% of its mass.

The top layer.

  • Provides an attractive appearance, allows you to diversify the types of surface treatment and makes up the remaining 10% of the mass.

Color-Mix system

The color scheme is an important element that determines the choice of paving stones. Various color shades, obtained by color-mix technology, allow you to create original and individual compositions. Unique color transitions are obtained by toning the upper layers of paving slabs with various mixtures of concrete toppings.

Pavers from the Color-mix line are perfect for both private properties and public places. Colors inspired by nature allow our tiles to adapt to any object, regardless of its style. A wide selection of shapes and sizes guarantees that paving tiles from Planeta RS Borodyanka will look good in both classic and modern composite landscapes.

The products of Planeta RS Borodyanka LLC are tested in a highly specialized laboratory, which guarantees excellent quality paving tiles