As we grow older and wiser, we increasingly look for new ways to make life easier. Lifting and moving paving stones, bricks and slabs is no exception. After the slabs or pavers have been delivered or assembled, they must be taken to the installation site. When you’re young, it’s not a problem to do that. But if you are old, your back hurts, or you just don’t have the strength, you can consider other methods of lifting and moving the road surface.

Get acquainted with some options for lifting and moving paving stones.

Lifting by hand is the most popular way of moving the road surface.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but let’s get started.

When carrying by hand, always bend your knees, not your back – this is important. When manually lifting and moving more than two bricks at a time, stack them across the joints to stabilize the load. Wearing gloves will help prevent cuts and burns.
Do not lift more than you can carry, because if you drop the load, you can damage not only the road surface, but also your feet, which will be deplorable.

Транспортування тротуарної плитки

Lifter for paving slabs and blocks.

A faster way to lift and move paving, especially large paving slabs, is to use a block lifter. Manual paver lifters are becoming more and more affordable. Knowing how they work and the benefits of using them are becoming increasingly apparent to paving contractors.
These hand-held lifting tools make it easy to grab pavers without having to bend down a lot.

Lift and move entire sections of pavement with a paving truck.

Транспортування тротуарної плиткиIf you constantly lift and move pavers, then you can think about buying a cart.

Most good professional installers have paver carts. They not only minimize the risk of injury to the back and hands, but also speed up the laying of paving stones. Especially if the distance between the place of delivery and the place of storage is quite large. A quarter of a pack of road surface can be carried with each load.

There are several options and designs of sidewalk carts, they are self-balancing even when loaded, if the operator has to stop while pushing or pulling the cart.

They also have a locking mechanism that securely holds the pavers. This prevents it from falling during transportation.
Carts for pavers are quite expensive, but you can see their payback in a short time.

Use a wheelbarrow for convenient road surface transportation.

What would we do without a reliable universal wheelbarrow? You can easily load everything you need into the wheelbarrow for easy lifting and transportation. It is perfect for moving a small amount of paving stones.
The downside of using a wheelbarrow is that materials are more prone to damage when loaded into the wheelbarrow or may fall out of the wheelbarrow. In addition, it takes more time to load and unload the cart at the starting and ending points.