Types of concrete curbs

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you probably haven’t paid much attention to curbs. However, their role in the improvement of the territory is quite significant. Why? Because a high-quality curb made of concrete not only directs water from your property into storm drains, but also provides zoning of the territory for pedestrians and roadways. In the same way, a border can act as a landscape element that adds character and value to your property.

When it comes to choosing a border, form and aesthetics should always follow function. So the first decision you’ll need to make is whether or not you want vehicles to be able to drive over your curbs. Then you choose one of the three main types of borders:

  • road
  • sidewalks
  • decorative

Road curbs

As their name suggests, curbs are concrete curbs that support safe and orderly traffic. Road concrete curbs zone streets or parking lots to prevent vehicles from driving onto surrounding sidewalks, lawns, etc. When installed in parking lots, barrier curbs also make it easier for drivers to see and maneuver in designated parking spaces.

Sidewalk curbs

Curbs are curbs that allow vehicles to drive over them. This type of concrete curb usually appears at parking lot entrances, but they are also a popular and often required addition to sidewalks at intersections so that wheelchair users can easily access both the sidewalk and the streets Because the installed curbs always have a slope from the sidewalk or parking lot to the adjacent street.

Decorative borders

In the case of decorative borders, “border appeal” means that the border itself serves an aesthetic function. These can be borders of different color shades that you often see around elements of landscape design. If you believe that colorful decorative concrete curbs can add curb appeal to your property and protect your landscape.

Do not forget about the water drains
When installing any curb on the street or in the parking lot, installing a drainage system is an absolute necessity. Why? Because the gutter forms the base of the curb, it is sloped just enough to divert water away from your lot and into the nearest gutter system. This not only protects your property from water as much as possible, but also helps prevent parking lots and lawns from flooding during heavy rains.

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