Return and exchange conditions

Return of products in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine (Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”) within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt of the products.
At the same time, the Client is obliged to present the original invoice, according to which the products were received, and the Client has kept all the marking labels attached to each pallet with the products.
The client is obliged to independently check the quality (obvious defects) and quantity of products at the time of their acceptance from the manufacturer. Any defects (defects) of the products must be recorded in the act of detected defects, drawn up with the participation of the authorized representative of the manufacturer. The absence of any reservations regarding the quality and quantity at the time of acceptance of the products is a confirmation of the proper quality and corresponding quantity of the products.

Return delivery of goods is carried out by agreement.

According to the current legislation, you can return the product of proper quality or exchange it, in the case when the product retains its marketable appearance and its consumer properties, completed and preserved packaging.

Products cannot be returned if:
– contains non-contrast deviations in the shades of the painted surface of concrete products within one batch;
– damaged due to the use of the product by the Client not for its intended purpose and without taking into account its features and properties;
– damaged during installation due to a violation of the technology of the coating device;
– contains separate inclusions of particles of organic origin on the surface of concrete products that do not affect the quality of products and disappear during operation due to atmospheric influences;
– contains white exudates on the surface resulting from irreversible chemical reactions during the hydration of the cement binder in concrete, which do not affect the quality of the products and disappear from the surface of the products during operation in standard weather conditions;
– damaged as a result of a natural disaster or natural disasters, force majeure beyond human control (fires, earthquakes, floods, wars, hostilities, wars, strikes, etc.), deliberate actions of the Client or third parties;
– damaged by foreign objects, as well as due to the use of various types of reagents, which led to partial or complete destruction of the upper layer;
– contains deviations in size and appearance, which are allowed by the relevant state standards and technical conditions for products;
– damaged due to improper transportation (including not in the manufacturer’s packaging) or storage, storage, operation;
– the warranty period has expired.

The seller company, which accepts the product for return, reserves the right to check it for integrity and quality, as well as to refuse the return in case of damage, signs of use of the product or incorrectly submitted return documents.