Our vision is that the improvement of the external social space should be ecological and economically beneficial.

Тротуарная плитка Киев, Бородянка

What we do

Planeta RS Borodyanka is a complex production of building materials for landscape improvement of residential areas, paving of public and commercial sites – from the purchase of high-quality raw materials and production to delivery.

An automated line for the production of paving slabs from European manufacturers allows us to obtain high quality at an optimal cost.

Through a detailed analysis of the market, we continue to develop new forms and colors of paving slabs. Paving tiles of our production are characterized by increased frost resistance and maximum wear resistance.

Our mission

Our mission is to ensure sustainable growth of our brand, which defines the needs of customers in innovative solutions for the improvement of external social space.

Strategic priorities

  • Production automation
  • Development of innovative forms and colors
  • Efficient logistics
  • Supply of environmentally friendly materials
  • Maximum focus on the client
  • Operational excellence
  • Development of production capacity
Тротуарная плитка Киев, Бородянка
Тротуарная плитка Киев, Бородянка

Our clients

The markets for the products of Planeta RS Borodyanka LLC vary from private homeowners to professional landscape contractors and companies.

Planeta RS Borodyanka provides services to homeowners in creating aesthetic and practical outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed for many years. The strategy of product production is aimed at meeting the needs of customers and increasing the speed and efficiency of paving the product.

The production and warehouse capacities of the enterprise allow us to keep the most popular shapes and colors of paving slabs in optimal quantities.



    Kyiv region
    uv. Borodyanka
    St. Tsentralna, 224/16.

    +38(050) 366 5001
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