An extraordinary event took place today, not only for our company, but also for the entire community of the uv. Borodyanka and Kyiv region. A new factory for the production of vibro-pressed concrete products was opened at the Planeta RS Borodyanka enterprise: paving tiles, road curbs, ebbs, etc. new generation

This is innovative equipment of a new generation, the latest development of German engineers. The plant is assembled on components manufactured by world leaders: Rexroth hydraulics, Siemens processors and electronics, the entire transport group on gearboxes of Italian manufacturers.
The balanced operation of this plant allows to produce high-quality products in larger volumes, with a long service life and high frost resistance, and most importantly, with a lower cost price due to a high level of automation. The productivity of the plant is 3000 cycles per day. This is 50 thousand m2 of paving slabs or 20 km of road curbs per month. The unique colormix system, developed by German engineers, allows us to offer the consumer new products that can be colored with an overflow.

  This line is one of the most modern not only in the Kyiv region, but also in the territory of the northern and central regions of Ukraine. All products produced meet all European norms and standards. The incredible impression from the first launch of the system even takes your breath away from the grandeur and scale.

We invite architects, landscape designers, exterior designers, builders, and everyone who looks at the world as an artist to cooperate.
We offer to purchase and test our products!
We remind you of our advantages:

  • Competitive price;
  • European quality;
  • Large volumes;
  • Resources are always available;
  • A wide selection of products.

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Завод ТОВ Планета РС Бородянка